I make things, because that's what I do.

My mother is a talented artist, educated in many mediums, and I grew up with a DIY ethic. I learned how to make a lot of things because we made things to get by. What we made was how we ate, and I went from selling her work off of folding tables to selling my work off of folding tables. The first website I designed was to display the chainmaille, rings and silver jewelry I made and sold under the name "Nitewear" in the New England goth scene nightclubs where I dance and DJ still.
As a DJ, entertainer and events producer, my industry vanished overnight and has struggled throughout the pandemic. Concurrently, a bad disc in my neck caused paralysis in my left arm and wrist, ultimately requiring replacement surgery as it got worse. So I took up watchmaking, which had been on my "future obsessive passion list" and taught myself to dismantle / rebuild a few movements. A friend got some samples of Fordite (aka "Detroit Agate") and I thought they'd make amazing watch dials, and began experimenting / fell in love with the stuff.
So of course I had to make other stuff with Fordite too, because that's what I do. I'm not making any chainmaille, I can't squeeze pliers with my left hand yet, but steel and stone are two of my favorite things. I work all by hand, nothing fancier than a Dremel and a drill. Fordite doesn't like heat, doesn't like friction, and I mostly wet sand by hand because it's very dusty.
It's a long process, the dials themselves need to be amazingly thin and flat, it takes many many hours and the precision of the watch depends on it. Each piece is selected for it's uniquely non-objective beauty and the hands, case, movement and bracelet are all determined by the aesthetics of each piece of Fordite. In my mind, every piece is like a Pollack or perhaps Kandinsky painting, that could hang on the wall of a museum.

Need to find your ring size? Here's a printable template another that Etsy user has provided: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rZPgHAFXgyGd0kTZCGQC3ramSo5dSnS5/view

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