Handmade Fordite watch dial, ready to finish - 33.7mm round

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Handmade Fordite watch dial, ready to finish, not yet drilled, not yet fitted to case. Dials are .3 - .5 mm thick, use “dial dots” or similar product to attach to movement.
Fit outside edge by patiently wet sanding by hand with 600 grit , supporting the edge with your fingers to keep it from bending, and keeping it round as you go. Check for fit often. Drill center with a very small hand bit and use round jewelers file to expand the opening to fit the pinion. Finish by lightly polishing with fine auto scratch remover paste and liquid auto wax on a soft lint free cloth to get the most shine. Use “dial dots” or similar product to attach to movement.
I’m sorry but I am unable to fit to spec and finish for you, each dial is unique and so is each build. I’d also have to charge more. You will have better results fitting the dials yourself than if I try to shape them to your case and movement specs.
Fordite is hardened paint spray slag from the automobile factories before they changed processes. It was dumped and forgotten until recent years, now those sites have been mined by collectors and sellers. It is a very limited resource and can be unstable and challenging to work with. Work at room temperature, heat makes it soft, cold makes it brittle. Do not bend, it will snap. This Fordite was reportedly sourced from Kenmore in Ohio.
Shipped USPS in a greeting card with cardboard to prevent bending.

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